Starting at XIC

Starting at XIC


Through Primary up to Year 11, each student is allocated a Form Tutor with whom they register each morning and who has special responsibility for the student’s pastoral care. The Form Tutor ensures that students understand College procedures and will endeavour to make them feel “at home”. The tutor also monitors with particular care the progress of each new student during the first month to ensure that the student is integrating into the social and academic life of the College. For students who come to Secondary from the College’s Year 6, the transition process starts in the Spring term. Richard Wijeratne, the Director of the College and Mike Mills, Head of Secondary, visit Primary and hold meetings with Year 6 students and parents, along with their new form tutor in Secondary and the Head of Spanish.

Students from the current year 7 also attend to answer questions that the Year 6 students might have regarding their start in Secondary, as well as the year ahead. A full-day visit is then arranged for the whole of Year 6, together with their teacher. Assessment details are provided by the Year 6 teacher who also meets with teachers of Year 7 at the beginning of the Autumn term to give advice on suitable English and Maths groups. The Head of Spanish Studies liaises with Spanish teachers in Primary to allocate groups for Year 7. An induction morning for all new students takes place before the beginning of the Autumn term.

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