Beyond the Classroom

Learning Outside Of The Classroom

It is our belief that children will achieve more when they are happy, both in and outside the classroom.

We strive to ensure the children enjoy a rich variety of activities that enhance their learning experience:

  • Children enjoy regular assemblies, an opportunity to come together and celebrate their achievements.
  • The various House sport competitions enhance the full range of sporting activities the children enjoy during their normal curriculum lessons.
  • Drama is encouraged with various Year Groups performing plays for their parents to see.
  • The KS2 Music and Poetry competition gives children the opportunity to perform individually and as part of a group.
  • Every Year Group will enjoy day excursions where the children can listen to and practise their Spanish. Often these trips have a cultural theme which allows the children to better understand the country where they live.
  • Two residential trips per year are organised with the purpose of helping the children develop greater independence, an awareness of others and self but above all to have fun in a completely different environment; Annual ski trip to the Spanish Pyrenees (for 6 days); Annual trip to an activity centre (for 3 days).
  • ‘If music be the food of love then play on’, a maxim that embodies the need to have music in our lives, one which we actively promote in school. Music is part of the curriculum, but we also offer music lessons across a wide range of instruments. The school has an orchestra and choir.
  • Art, as with music, is an essential way for many children to be able to express themselves, so regular trips outside to sketch and draw occur.

If we are to embrace a whole child philosophy then we must help children to realise that the whole world is a classroom and that education takes many forms.

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