Compulsory Uniform

Our uniform is compulsory for all students from Foundation Stage up to and including Year 11.

All tops, including T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts and fleeces must be purchased from the College. Extra outdoor coats are acceptable during the cold weather, but all students should have at least one fleece and a sweatshirt. We strongly recommend that children try all items for size prior to parents ordering school uniform. A range of items in all sizes will be available in the Primary office for this purpose.

If recommended items of clothing such as trousers, shorts and skirts are not purchased from the College they must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • navy black; no denim, decoration or pattern
  • skirts and shorts must be no shorter than just above the knee
  • footwear, including trainers, must be suitable for school
  • socks and tights must be black or white
  • XIC school bags must be used for swimming kit (Primary)

Long hair must be tied back; bright coloured streaks are not acceptable. Discreet ear-rings only, no other piercings, tattoos or jewellery are allowed. 

Key Stage 5 (Y12 and Y13)

The college is an educational institution for teaching and learning. Although uniform is not compulsory, it is important that senior students dress appropriately. All students are expected to dress smartly and be a credit to themselves and the college.

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