Full uniform is compulsory for all students from Foundation Stage up to and including Year 11. Uniform must be purchased from the College and is available at the Primary site. Outdoor coats are acceptable during the cold weather. We recommend that children try all items for size prior to parents ordering school uniform.

Long hair must be tied back; bright coloured streaks are not acceptable. Discreet ear-rings only, no other piercings, tattoos or jewellery are allowed.



With children’s comfort and confidence at the heart of the designs, the items have been designed to be mixed and matched to the preference of each individual. XIC students are able to choose from and combine: shorts, skorts, leggings, tracksuit bottoms, t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, fleeces and jumpers.

The cut of the uniform has been developed using modern patterning techniques and all shapes and sizes in mind, with a majority of the items being unisex (although all students are welcome to wear any items they wish!).

Sustainability & Local Production

With a focus on local production and sustainability, the uniforms are designed, produced and supplied by local fabric manufacturer, Paco Sempere. Paco hand picks and sources the thread, dyes it and then produces the fabric that our uniforms are made of from his factory in Alcoi, ensuring the absolute best quality.

Key Stage 5 (Y12 and Y13)

The college is an educational institution for teaching and learning. Although uniform is not compulsory, it is important that senior students dress appropriately. All students are expected to dress smartly and be a credit to themselves and the college.

The following are not appropriate and must not be worn in college. This list is not exhaustive and other items may be added. Remember, it is a place of work!

  Mini-shorts/beach shorts 

  Cut-off, ripped or holed trousers

  Headgear inside the building 

  Low-cut or off-the-shoulder tops

  Leggings with mini skirts

  Short mini-skirts or dresses

  T-shirts with unsuitable logos

  Bare midriffs

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