House System

Healthy Competition





To further enhance the children’s sense of belonging and cooperation we have a well-established House System. Each student is allocated a House which they will represent for their time at the College; Gaudi (Yellow), Picasso (Red), Dali (Green) and Goya (Blue). Siblings are always put in the same house.

During the academic year, there will be numerous opportunities to earn points towards the House Cup. At the end of each sport discipline within the physical education programme, there is a house competition. This encourages healthy competition with the opportunity for older children to help and nurture the younger ones. 

The Sixth Form also organises events throughout the school year where House teams participate in challenges and events once again to accumulate House Points. The House Cup is presented at the end of year Prize Giving to the House who have accumulated the most points. Students can also gain house merit points for other individual activities which go towards points for their Houses.


One of our aims is to encourage students to have a positive involvement in College life, whether through formal work or otherwise. We value such contributions highly and recognise them by awarding Certificates of Merit and prizes at the end of the year. In Primary, House Merit Certificates are awarded monthly. In Secondary, students work towards commendations and house points.