Pastoral Care and the Home

As a family school we take the pastoral care of your child very seriously and it is the foundation of having happy children and a happy school.

Throughout Primary we have a PSHE (Physical, Social and Health Education) curriculum which ensures we develop the whole child. As we maintain a nurturing environment it allows for the development of excellent relationships between staff and children and staff and parents. Communication is essential and teachers are always available at the end of the day to speak to parents or an appointment can be made through our Secretary should you require more time. Our termly formal parent meetings are an important opportunity for parents to discuss their child’s progress whether that be academically or socially. Most communication between school and home will be via email, if there are documents for you to sign (eg school trips) you will receive a hard copy as well.

Communication, on a daily basis, is maintained through a home/school diary. This allows parents and teachers to keep each other informed across a range of issues, e.g. homework, doctor’s appointments or any issues that may have occurred during the day.

Our priority will always be the well being of your child so the link and communication between school and home is one of the most important aspects of life at XIC.