Pastoral Care and the Home

Family Connection

We encourage strong links with the families of XIC.  As a small college, we pride ourselves on having close connections with all our families.  Staff have good relationships with the families of every student recognising their individual needs.  With this unique and privileged insight along with the small classes, staff can support each student during their time at the College.We see these relationships as vital in the day to day care of the students as they face and overcome their many challenges.  The active Pastoral Care System allows tutors to work very closely with the students and for them to have a very clear knowledge of the specific requirements of each child.  

Celebrating their successes is key and we aim to highlight these when we can with the intention of further enhancing the confidence of each student.  

What is of note is the way students of all ages participate in these celebrations; appreciating the efforts of their friends and sharing their successes.