Director's Welcome

A welcome from the Director

Never let life slow you down

Our absolute priority in Xabia International College is to provide a welcoming environment where our students and staff can be happy. Contented people in a caring place can achieve outstanding things!  This is in evidence throughout the College and we can celebrate as a group the great things that are happening.

There exists a wonderful energy from Pre-nursery to the Sixth Form; enthusiasm for their individual learning experience and synergy between the students and the teachers is key.  We are on this adventure together, we work well together and can devote that vital time to each student due to the small groups that exist. The time a teacher can devote to the students they teach and care for is crucial, and the students positive daily development is noticeable, therefore.

The aim of Xabia International College is to develop life-long learners with a spirit of resourcefulness and self-reliance within a warm and purposeful community.

As parents the greatest gift we can give our children is to create opportunities for them to develop their self-esteem to ensure that they are resilient, enabling them to tackle and overcome any obstacle they face.  At XIC we encourage children to take up opportunities and embrace challenge with tenacity.

We strive to give each child a thirst for life-long learning through a stimulating and innovative curriculum which pursues excellence.  We lay the foundation stones from which the children can grow.

XIC has a long tradition of delivering a holistic education and we are constantly reflecting on how to evolve to provide an education relevant to young people facing the challenges of contemporary society.

Here’s to the start of a fantastic future for your child!

Richard Wijeratne

Richard Wijeratne

Richard was educated at Glenalmond College and Worcester University. He began his career teaching English, History and Latin at Dean Close School in Cheltenham, moving to The Downs School near Bristol where he was appointed Deputy Head Teacher. Here he enjoyed many sporting successes with boy’s teams, including National Winners in Rugby. In 2000 he was appointed Headmaster of The Lady Elizabeth School and during the course of his 18 years tenure the School grew in number and reputation. In 2018 Richard took the decision to move to The Xabia International College to focus on what he sees as a priority of providing children and young adults with the confidence and self-respect to achieve the very best they can in a positive and fully supportive environment.

“The wonderful atmosphere created within the College is built upon the fantastic synergy that exists amongst the students, staff and parents. We work closely together, and the results are clear to see – happy students who love to develop their skills at all levels. XIC is more than just a very special place and it is a complete privilege to be part of this excellent school. The family focussed ethos is very close to my heart. These are very exciting times for the College as we build on the great commitment made to the students over many years. With a new Secondary building we will be able to fulfil many of our ambitions to provide the students with what they need to achieve and surpass their potential!” Richard Wijeratne, June 2019

Richard believes in the importance of positive thought and focuses on the strengths of the individual. With this mindset young people can achieve great things. Having built upon a strong and dedicated staff, he is both determined and confident that The Xabia International College will flourish in the years to come.

I hope you will take up the opportunity to join us for a bespoke visit.  I feel very lucky to be part of such a vibrant learning community which has an energy and sense of fun where children thrive.  

I very much look forward to welcoming you.

Richard Wijeratne

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