Curriculum and Learning

Our Curriculum


Our curriculum at XIC is planned and organised to promote deeper learning, personal growth and development for all our students. It includes not only the formal requirements of the British National Curriculum, but it is designed to develop the independence and responsibility of all our students. At XIC we recognise and award achievement, offer a wide range of enrichment opportunities and provide a calm, caring ethos that is maintained by encouraging high standards of behaviour, courtesy, and mutual respect. We treat each learner in a class as an individual and not as a number or a face.

Commitment to small class sizes enables us to provide a personalised high-grade educational experience for all. This leads to students being engaged, accurate and honest about what they know or do not know and can lead to them sharing ideas and asking questions.

The teachers teach in their chosen subject area. This means that their love for their subjects is reflected in our student enjoyment of lessons. Our specialist staff work hard to find ways to make learning exciting, enriching and accessible. Their strong subject knowledge, therefore, promotes engagement and drives student learning forward. In this way both the teachers and students enjoy and completely fulfilling day in school.

Our broad and international curriculum at XIC is relevant to all our multinational students, but we also know that teaching Spanish language and culture is vital in this wonderful geographical location. We “overload our staffing in Spanish in order to allow engagement and progress for all learners of Spanish no matter what their starting point is. This means that we can target Spanish National Curriculum language and culture for our top Spanish linguists and convalidate their studies in line with the Spanish Educational Certificate of Completion (“ESO”), whilst equally rapidly developing the skills of the most basic Spanish beginner.

The school curriculum also supports our students’ wider development too; related to their values and attitudes to each other and themselves. Our aim is for them to develop as responsible citizens in an ever-changing world. They need to know how to work together, respect each other and value their education.

High expectations and self-belief are so important for us to foster through our students learning journey.

Our XIC curriculum does not stop at four o’clock. For us, our family focus is also vital as a support mechanism for student happiness and progress. Our parent’s role in supporting their child’s learning journey is crucial if they are to fulfil their potential in all areas of learning, and we aim to engage with our parents frequently so that this can be mutually beneficial for our students.

At XIC the students are supported and guided. Our curriculum will result in greater confidence and positively impact on their learning. We truly will develop the whole child.

Mike Mills
Head of Secondary