Ricochef have considerable experience in the sector for delivering healthy and attractive food that is nutritious as well as popular with the students. Their aim is to fulfil our ambition to provide food that is enjoyed by our students in the course of their busy day in school.

In Primary, hot meals are ordered and paid for one month at a time. Order forms are sent by email at the start of the year or when a student joins but please speak to the School office if you need a new copy.

Our Secondary school café is a comfortable and welcoming dining area with a delicious provision of food and snacks. It is the intention of Ricochef to move to a card payment system, where students will be able to purchase items from the cafeteria using a pre-loaded card. It will take a short while to process this system, so in advance students will be able to purchase snacks and the Full Menu from the cafeteria with cash.

With Ricochef, your child enjoys nutritious meals while honoring the environment. At Ricochef, we source seasonal ingredients from approved local KM0 suppliers. Our team is well-versed in food safety, ensuring the utmost excellence in our kitchen operations.

Lunchtime is an important part of the XIC school day, when we come together to eat and chat, reinforcing the sense of community that makes the school such a happy place. We are very excited for the children to start trying the delicious new menus!


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