Subject introduction

As an international school in Spain, one of our aims is to help students integrate in the Spanish community as well as help them open doors in their future careers. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world,  and at Xàbia International College our students have the chance to learn and practise the language, not only outside school, but with their native Spanish teachers and our Spanish students.

Spanish is a compulsory subject in KS3. Year 7-9 pupils are taught at different levels, the year group being divided into three different sets so our students can progress according to their level and their ability. Those studying Spanish as a second language work towards their IGCSE Spanish and  we are very proud that our results are always 100% pass and most of our students obtain A/A* grades.

Pupils who are native speakers or who master the language can go on the native language programme and study Lengua (Spanish as a first language), Valenciano and Ciencias Sociales (Geography and History) alongside the English curriculum up to Year 11.  On successful completion of this course of study, pupils obtain the official Spanish Secondary leaving certificate (Certificado de la ESO).  


In Spanish as a second language we use the Viva Active Learn series. Students use on-screen  books on their tablets with innovative interactive activities where they develop their listening, reading, writing skills. Spanish lessons are delivered to small groups and students are constantly encouraged to use the language in class.  This enables them to gain confidence and develop their speaking skills with ease. Years 7 to 9 also have an hour a week of Spanish Culture lessons where students gain a wider view of the country and its extraordinary artistic heritage, traditions, geography, etc.

We also organise day trips where our students not only are exposed to the language and can practise it, but they also get to know important landmarks like Dénia castle, festivities like Las Fallas and other interesting aspects of the  culture in the area, like turrón production.

Why study Spanish at XIC?

Students at Xábia International college learn Spanish fast and thanks to our native  highly-qualified and experienced teachers. Besides,our students can practise their Spanish in the playground with the large number of Spanish students that study in our college.  

Also, using on-screen books makes it a lot more motivating and, in a technological world,  our pupils find it easier to engage themselves in the learning process.

We will help you learn Spanish to a high level, and fast, you will have a head start in learning the other latin-based languages that MFL offer,  like French. And it will even help you learn German at XIC, since they too have Indo-European roots and have some characteristics that are present in Spanish but not English.

Much of Spanish vocabulary is similar to English, and written Spanish is almost completely phonetic: look at almost any Spanish word and you can tell how it is pronounced.

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