Spanish (GCSE)

Spanish GCSE


Year 10 and 11 pupils are taught Spanish at different levels, the year group being divided into three different sets so our students can progress according to their level and their ability. Those studying Spanish as a Second Language work towards their IGCSE Spanish. 

Pupils who are native speakers or who master the language can go on the native language programme and study Lengua (Spanish as a first language), Valenciano and Ciencias Sociales (Geography and History) alongside the English curriculum up to Year 11.  On successful completion of this course of study, pupils obtain the official Spanish Secondary leaving certificate (Certificado de la ESO).  

In year 11, we also challenge our most engaged students with taking the internationally recognised DELE exam. DELE Spanish Diplomas are official titles certifying degree of competence and mastery of the Spanish language, granted by Spain’s Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.


In Spanish as a Second Language we use the Viva Active Learn series together with Hodder Education Spanish for Edexel International GCSE.  Students use textbooks and on-screen  books on their tablets with innovative interactive activities where they develop their listening, reading, writing skills. Spanish lessons are delivered to small groups and students are constantly encouraged to use the language in class.  This enables them to gain confidence and develop their speaking skills with ease.

At this stage our students also learn and practise exam techniques to be able to complete their IGCSE exams successfully. Assessment comprises three single-tier papers, Paper 1 is the Listening assessment and Paper 2 is the Reading, Writing one. Paper 3 is the Speaking component each accounting for respectively 25%, 50% and 25% of the full IGCSE. 

The five topic areas at IGCSE include: 

  • Home and Abroad 
  • Education and Employment 
  • House, Home and Daily Routine 
  • The Modern World and the Environment 
  • Social Activities, Fitness and Health 

Why study Spanish at XIC

After years of experience preparing our students for their Spanish International GCSE , we are very proud that our results are always 100% pass and most of our students obtain A/A* grades. 

Learning a language develops your communication skills, vital for success in the world of work and gives you a broader outlook on life. Having a GCSE in Spanish is also increasingly seen as an important entry qualification for university. Spanish is a very accessible and attractive Romance language derived from latin and the second most spoken language in the world!. Once you have mastered it you will easily be able to pick up other latin-based languages like French and Italian. Also, being able to speak Spanish enables you to communicate with the 400 million other speakers worldwide.

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