At Xabia International College both staff and students are enthusiastic about science. As a department we develop students into scientists with independent thinking, problem solving and practical skills that they can apply to the outside world. We provide our students with engaging well differentiated lessons that accelerate progress and nurture a positive working relationship where students feel safe to ask questions and think outside the box.  We teach science as a relevant and modern subject that has an impact on our lives every day and equip student with the courage and skills to set themselves challenging targets through regular monitoring and feedback from teachers

The Science Department at XIC aims to deliver tailored learning for all of our students. Our schemes of learning are designed to develop an interest and curiosity in Science that makes students want to understand the world around them.  Students develop practical skills that help them to understand the nature of scientific enquiry and allow them to make informed choices about information they are presented with. 


At Xabia International College students are encouraged to question the world around them as they study a course which delivers separate topics in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.   Our students follow the Collins Science Course. This course helps to secure the key skills, knowledge and interest in science needed to succeed at Key Stage 3 and beyond.

It allows us to assess prior learning with a what you should already know section at the start of each chapter and to also assess how well key ideas have been mastered so far with mid-chapter applying key ideas sections.

We support our students in assessing their own progress using a colour coded checking your progress chart at the end of each topic.

The activities we set our students are differentiated so that all students can access the curriculum.

Science is taught through a mixture of theory work and practical work.  Our students partake in practical investigative work as a regular part of their science lessons.  This encourages enjoyment of the subject and teaches our students many skills such as problem solving, communication and analysis.

Why study Science at XIC?

Our Science department has highly motivated staff who care about our students.  Our classes are small which allows teachers to give more individual attention to each student and we differentiate our lessons so that all students can be stretched and challenged.  The science department at XIC has specialist teachers in the three scientific disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics and all the subjects are taught to an excellent standard so that students are fully prepared with the knowledge and skills they need to embark on their GCSE courses at Key Stage 4.

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