There is never a dull moment in the Music Department at XIC!  No two days are the same and there is always a buzz in the air when you enter the Music Room (whether it be from the students…or the instrumentalists tuning up!).

Music at XIC gives students the opportunity to express themselves and develop skills that go beyond the classroom.  With a focus on enjoyment, all pupils have at least one music lesson a week and can partake in many additional ensembles and singing groups.

Being an International College on the Costa Blanca gives ample of scope for exploring not only local music, but a wide range of styles and genres from around the World – I love it when you learn something new from a student about a tradition or instrument from their country, and they love it when they can teach something to the teacher!


During their weekly class lesson, pupils learn to develop a wide range of skills from reading rhythms and notation to how Boomwhackers help us to learn about chords; from how Classical Music is around us all the time to how much fun it is participating in a Samba band; and skills that can be taken outside and beyond the classroom such as personal confidence, teamwork and interpersonal skills.

Students have to be able to work efficiently as part of a team and also as an individual; they have to be perfectionists, yet realistic; they have to be able to present themselves in a way that they might not be familiar with.  They also need to be dedicated and able to repeatedly conquer physical and mental challenges. In addition, music is therapeutic, giving opportunity for self-expression and relieving stress. Singing and playing instruments has been shown to not only increase the capacity of your memory but also to refine your time management and organisational skills. Furthermore, it improves coordination, reading and exposes us to cultural history

Why study music at XIC?

Everyday there is something to do and there are many clubs and activities for students to explore their musical side, whatever their ability!  It is the only International School in Jávea that boasts not only a school band, but also a wind group, sax quartet and Chamber group as well as one of the best student Harmony groups in Jávea!  The XIC Harmony Group has been asked on many occasions to perform at external events and the students are excellent representatives of the school. Moreover, this year has seen the Harmony Group, XIC Singers and the Year 5&6 choir join together to make a fantastic choir combining all ages!

As XIC is a Private School in Jávea, peripatetic teachers come into school to offer lessons on clarinet, saxophone, flute, piano and vocals whilst the Conservatorio in Jávea offers the Spanish instrumental system for those wishing to pursue this.

Then, just in case you want to try to fit anything else in during the week (and there are students – and teachers! – that do), then there is Musical Theatre Club after school as well as Ballet where the students have the opportunity to study for the Royal Academy of Dance ballet exams if they wish to.

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