Maths (IGCSE)



Edexcel 9-1 International GCSE Mathematics A qualification supports seamless progression to further study, with up-to-date content reflecting the latest thinking in the subject. It is comparable to the UK reformed GCSEs in terms of the level of demand and assessment standards. It consists of two examinations available at Foundation and Higher Tier. Both examinations must be taken in the same series at the end of the course of study. 


Pupils are put into two sets: a Foundation set 2 and a Higher set 1. They have 4 lessons per week. The course 

enables pupils to: 

  • develop their knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts and techniques 
  • acquire a foundation of mathematical skills for further study in the subject or related areas 
  • enjoy using and applying mathematical techniques and concepts, and become confident in using mathematics to solve problems 
  • appreciate the importance of mathematics in society, employment and study
  • develop their problem-solving skills by translating problems in mathematical or non-mathematical contexts at both Higher and Foundation tiers 
  • will develop reasoning skills through exercises such as presenting arguments and proofs, and making deductions and drawing conclusions from mathematical information.

Why study IGCSE Maths at XIC?

The Edexcel IGCSE Maths course allows us to drive innovation and provide comprehensive support for our pupils to acquire the knowledge and skills they need for progression in study , work and life. The availability of two tiers of entry (Higher and Foundation) allows pupils to be entered for a level appropriate to them with questions in each tier that are accessible to students of all abilities within that tier. International GCSEs are recognised globally and provide learners with the same progression routes. The Higher tier pupils, provided they get a grade 6 and above, will be able to successfully progress to the Edexcel International AS / A2 Level and beyond in Maths. 

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