At KS3 the pupils follow MyMaths scheme of work with an online IXL course to consolidate the maths that is taught. The methodology of the various topics taught in maths is taught by the staff to the pupils. The pupils then consolidate their learning by doing exercises using IXL. The topics taught in each year of KS3 build upon previous years knowledge and gradually increase the complexity of the maths being taught.


At KS3 the pupils receive 5 lessons a week. They are taught in two sets; a higher set which follows MyMaths book B and foundation set which follows MyMaths book A. Some gifted pupils may be encouraged to use MyMaths Book C. The IXL online Maths course encourages pupils to do their best and monitors their performance. Staff are able to identify blocking points in a pupils maths development and put strategies in to move the pupil on. 

Why study Maths at XIC?

Maths is an important subject as it is a core subject. It has implications throughout your life for your lifestyle and understanding of how things work. The MyMaths course tries to make maths relevant, enjoyable and challenging at all levels of ability. The IXL maths online course measures the ability of the pupil and identifies certain weaknesses 

that the individual has. These are then worked on by the pupil with the aid of a teacher to be overcome.

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