History is a subject that requires a lot of skills in KS3. It is a portal to a study of human endeavour, integrity and development. It teaches us to learn from the civilisations of the past to try to better our future. Through the recollection, discussion and evaluation of material and source documents, history allows us to trace the economic, cultural and sociological aspects of humanity throughout the sinews of time. Students develop an overall understanding of the key chronologies of our ancestors to become more aware of the ever expanding world around them.


In Key Stage Three, there is an emphasis on building on the great ancient civilisations through a tapestry of books, internet materials, practices and cultural inventions and breakthroughs in order to establish the roots of modern day mankind. At XIC, we learn about the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, as well as the great Central and South American civilisations, so that we can trace the development of different tribes and peoples around the world. In order to produce an all round appreciation, students study and evaluate Native American cultures, the origins of the Wild West and the Industrial Revolution. In each year of KS3, students will also partake in at least one personal project, tracing the profiles of individuals, events and battles in world history. As Key Stage Three reaches its climax in Year 9, the focus switches to World War I and World War II. This allows students to focus on the modern world in relation to the growth of the right wing and left wing ideals within a context of a world prepared to fight for its survival. It all culminates in an interesting case study on the assassination of John F Kennedy, in which the students are asked to come to their own conclusions from the available evidence.

Why study History at XIC?

History is ever changing, so what better way to understand the evolving processes of understanding and interacting with History than in a stable environment with forward thinking educational practices. Every student is different. As a people, we all learn differently due to how we process information available to us. It is the history department´s mission at XIC to use any tool necessary to aid the development and performance levels of the individual. Discussion based, audio, visual and practical learning are examples of how we relate to historical messages, social movements and technological developments in politics, warfare and regeneration. XIC nurtures talents and make s understanding accessible to all students in the retrospective determination of the evolution of mankind through the lessons of the past.

KS3 offers the foundations of analysis and discovery of the peoples of the past, allowing the students to create a platform for further in depth study at the higher levels.

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