History (GCSE)

History (GCSE)


History is a subject that requires a lot of focus on the ability to evaluate and make clear decisions, based on the material, in KS4. The course allows us to understand the human condition in a modern context, reflecting on fascist movement and left wing revolutions, as well as the uncontrollable friction of the battle of capitalist and communist ideologies in the Asian and European platforms. Through the recollection, discussion and evaluation of material and source documents, history allows us to trace the economic, cultural and sociological aspects of humanity throughout the sinews of time. 


In Key Stage Four, the emphasis in our course is focused on the twentieth century clash of ideologies between emerging and classical powers of the world. The core content (which is covered in Year 10) focuses on seven key questions that arose from the end of World War I right up to the turn of the century. These focus on the fairness of the Versailles Settlements, the successes and failures of the League of Nations, why international peace fell apart by 1939, the causes of the Cold War, America’s policy of Containment in relation to Communism, the USSR´S control over Eastern Europe and the events in the Persian gulf in the final quarter of the century. In Year 11 the focus switches to the depth study of Germany from 1919-1945, exploring the difficulties of the Weimar as well as the remarkable rise and fall of the Third Reich. Sources are an important aspect of historical research, so it is vital that we explore messages, differences, the provenance and surprises contained within source documents.

Why study History at XIC?

History is ever changing, so what better way to understand the evolving processes of understanding and interacting with History than in a stable environment with forward thinking educational practices. Every student is different. As a people, we all learn differently due to how we process information available to us. It is the history department´s mission at XIC to use any tool necessary to aid the development and performance levels of the individual. Discussion based, audio, visual and practical learning are examples of how we relate to historical messages, social movements and technological developments in politics, warfare and regeneration. XIC nurtures talents and make s understanding accessible to all students in the retrospective determination of the evolution of mankind through the lessons of the past.

KS4 offers the opportunity to expand upon the 20th century planet in the midst of the development and implementation of new ideologies and the return to nationalism on a grand scale against the backlash of economic states and capitalist global interests.

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