German is spoken by approximately 110 million people in more than forty countries. It is an official language in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and the European Union. In our College on the Costa Blanca our pupils have the opportunity to practise the language with their German classmates. Native German speakers can also receive German First Language tuition.

At Xàbia International College pupils start to study German and French in year 7 and then they choose which language they want to continue studying in year 8. Learning both languages is also possible for language lovers.


The German course is flexible and relevant, and takes into account the increasing diversity of student´s abilities and language learning backgrounds. It is always fully up-to-date and follows the European Framework for languages. Our students work with the newest digital student books (Zoom series) which include video and audio files on their tablets, supported by print materials.

Why study German at XIC

German is one of the nationalities present in Xábia International College, so our students are constantly exposed to the language. German enjoys a long tradition of success at Xàbia International College. The German Department prides itself on  the individual level of attention given to pupils who opt to study this important European language.

Students at Xábia International college learn German with ease  thanks to our native highly-qualified and experienced teacher. Besides, our students can practise their German  with their German classmates in the playground and on the trips the department organises. 

Also, using on-screen books makes it a lot more motivating and, in a technological world,  our pupils find it easier to engage themselves in the learning process.

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