English Language and Literature – A level

English Language and Literature - A level


 At KS5 English is a combined Language and Literature qualification.  It is a 2 year course with 3 components, a high level of English is required, preferably native speaker level, usually entry to the course is dependent upon a grade B or above at GCSE.  A keen interest in English, reading and analysis of texts is vital.

Component One – Voices in Speech and Writing

Study of an Anthology of 20 short texts, plus 20th century drama text ‘All My Sons’ Arthur Miller.

2h 30m exam at end of course – 40% of total mark.

Component Two –     Varieties in Language and Literature

Comparative study of 2 literary texts, ‘The Great Gatsby’ (F Scott Fitzgerald) and ‘Raisin in the Sun’ (Lorraine Hansberry), both under the theme of Society and the Individual.

2h 30m exam at end of course – 40% of total mark.

Component Three –   Investigating and Creating Texts.

3000 word coursework portfolio comprising fiction and non-fiction pieces, plus commentary.

Internally marked, externally moderated – 20% of total mark.

At XIC the small class sizes are conducive to success.  English A level is often a group size of 5 or 6 students.  This number creates an ideal environment for discussion work, as it is less daunting than a larger more impersonal group. The course is varied and interesting and requires, like all A levels, good independent research and analytical skills.  A combination of group work, independent writing/reading and teacher led sessions are used to study and complete this course.