EAL - English as an Additional Language


The EAL department’s aim is to enable students to use English effectively in all its forms, academically and socially.  Students are assessed on their level of English when they join XIC, to ensure they are placed in the more suitable group, although movement to the First Language group is encouraged where appropriate.  In some cases, students whose first language is not English have the ability to study at that level. Those in the EAL group are supported and encouraged in the development of their English skills, at whatever level.


The aims and objectives of this subject are best reached through a communicative, student-centred approach to language learning, in small groups, taught by experienced multi-lingual teachers.  Materials and activities are used which are interesting and relevant for the age group, while pair and group work play an important part in maximising opportunities for interaction in English.  

A variety of course books are used, supported by grammar resources, and various online materials, via Google Classroom.  

Students’ progress is evaluated through continuous assessment in the form of homework assignments and informal tests.  There are twice-yearly internal exams in reading, writing, listening and speaking.  

Why study EAL at XIC?

As a core subject, English underpins other areas of the curriculum and EAL equips students with the grammar and vocabulary needed to meet their educational needs.  It will also develop confidence and enthusiasm in using the English language. There is also the opportunity to take Cambridge Language exams before starting any GCSE courses.

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