New Secondary School Site

New Secondary School Site

The Board of XIC is delighted to announce the commencement of the construction of a new Secondary School Campus. Located in Calle Cantallops in Javea, the new school has been designed to provide an ideal opportunity for pupils to fulfil their ambitions.

Built to accommodate a maximum of 280 pupils, the new secondary site is designed to provide facilities for pupils and staff to work closely in all areas of the secondary curriculum to achieve their collective dreams. Classes will remain small as this is the key to the vital relationships that are fostered to create the best working environment for pupils to succeed. Teachers need time and space to provide creative and well-balanced support for the young adults they teach and with small classes this is possible; providing focus on the individual.

The College has always had the community at heart; wishing for the pupils to be very much part of the life of Javea and the surrounding area. Equally so we are focused on members of the community being very much part of the College. In order to continue this strong relationship, it is intended that a comprehensive programme of courses would be made available for all to enjoy after school day is completed in the evenings and weekends. With an emphasis firmly placed on families it will be possible for parents and children to enjoy the site at the same time; taking advantage of the sporting facilities as well as having the opportunity to experiment in cooking, developing their IT skills, improving their language skills as well as working on their health and fitness.

The present is wonderfully positive for all concerned with Xabia International College, the future is extremely exciting and will be a statement to the close connection we enjoy with the town of Javea and the Costa Blanca.

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The construction of the new Secondary facility is moving along at a grat pace. Weekly meetings involving the College, the Architects and the Constructors allow for that special ingredient to create a new home for our older pupils. The site has a positive flow, where students and staff will be able to flourish; enjoying the carefully planned campus to the full ????️

Xàbia International College’s new building will open in September

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The new educational complex of the Xàbia International College takes shape with an eye to the opening of the new school year in September. The workers of the company Consval 2012, have already completed the different buildings of the complex that is located in a field at the entrance of the municipality.

Week by week, the XIC management team, the architects and those responsible for the work hold meetings to analyse their progress. A few days ago the managers visited her to check the progress, as they testified through the official page on Facebook.

The center is designed for no more than 260 secondary school students and will provide a place that “continues to support the family spirit with classes made up of small groups”, an statement that XIC has used since its inception and that now takes major importance in the midst of the post-covid-19 era.

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