A Level Physics

A Level Physics


The Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Subsidiary in Physics and the Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Level in Physics are modular qualifications. The Advanced Subsidiary can be claimed on completion of the International Advanced Subsidiary (IAS) units. The International Advanced Level can be claimed on completion of all the units (IAS and IA2 units). In year 12 Unit 1 and Unit 2 are taught with Unit 3 being assessed on practicals covered in the units 1 & 2. InYear 13 Unit 3 and Unit 4 are taught with Unit 6 being assessed on practicals covered in the units 3 & 4. There is no coursework element to this course. Assessment consists of three written papers at IAS level that are externally assessed. The International A level consists of three further written papers that are externally assessed. 


Pupils will be taught this course in 4 lessons per week. Ideally, there will be a double period which will facilitate practical lessons and two separate theory lessons. Pupils will develop their knowledge and understanding of physics by applying the concepts in this specification to a range of different problems that include a variety of contexts. Problems will require the application of mathematical skills. Pupils will also develop their practical skills. The specification includes 16 core practical activities. Ideally, this is the minimum number of practical activities that the pupils will carry out. 

Why study Physics at XIC?

This course covers the major topics in physics, including mechanics, materials, waves, electricity, fields, thermodynamics, radiation, particles, oscillations and cosmology. The aim of this course is to encourage the pupils’ interest in and enthusiasm for the subject, including developing an interest in further study and careers associated with the subject. Also to improve the and confidence in a variety of practical, mathematical and competence problem-solving skills that can be applied in further courses or jobs.