A Level German

A Level German


Through a multitude of topics, you will learn to communicate at a sophisticated level in the language. At A level, the emphasis shifts to a much higher level where you are expected to offer opinions, to evaluate and to comment on key aspects of the country in which the target-language is spoken. The vocabulary is accordingly at a more demanding level. Nevertheless, it will prove an enjoyable course which enables students to explore in depth various aspects of the recent history, society, culture and, of course, language of the country.

Before the professional opportunities arrive, there are many academic benefits of learning a language like German at A-Level. Not only do languages enrich your global cultural knowledge, but they can also improve your comprehension and critical thinking skills – both of which are useful for many university courses.


At A-level German we follow  the Edexel International Advanced Level syllabus. The two-year course covers a variety of topics such as Environment, Education, Technology or Society in the Spanish speaking world. 

XIC German students are encouraged from the very start to immerse themselves in the language to build their confidence and fluency. The subject is taught by a native German speaker who brings great expertise, passion for his language and an excellent range of original learning resources are tailored toward students’ needs and interests to help them explore the major themes of the course. 

As with learning any language, there are four key skills that you will gain with A-Level German:

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing

Through preparations for the oral examination, students find that their debating and interview skills are greatly enhanced. Linguists are highly regarded by employers for their confidence in communicating ideas and presenting themselves; it is therefore a sensible choice if you are targeting Law, Medicine, Business Administration amongst many other degree courses. A qualification in German offers a suitable progression route to further study at university level. 

Why study German at XIC

German is the most spoken language in the European Union and its the tenth most widely-spoken language in the world. Not only does the German language provide you with access to German culture, including its music and arts, but it opens up potential business and career opportunities too, particularly in the travel and tourism sector. It’s spoken widely in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Studying German at A-Level will not only improve your reading, listening and speaking ability, but it’ll provide you with knowledge of Germany’s rich culture, both historically and contemporary.

If you plan to continue studying beyond A-Level, whether you take German or not, having a base knowledge of the language will provide you with opportunities to take a gap year abroad in any of the German-speaking countries. Before embarking on a university career, many students choose to work abroad in German summer camps, or simply travel around the country.

You will be taught in small class groups, given expert attention to your studies so that you can really fly at German A Level at XIC.