A Level Further Maths

A Level Further Maths


At KS5 the Further Mathematics course is Edexcel GCE (9FM0). This comprises of Core Pure Maths, Further Mechanics and Decision Mathematics. This is taught in parallel with the Maths A level but extends all the topics. 


In order to be successful at A level Mathematics they really need a grade 7 or higher at IGCSE. 

AS involves 2 Papers: 

Paper 1 – Core Pure 1 (1hr 40min), 

Paper 2 – Further Maths options (1hr 40min)

A2  involves 4 Papers: 

Paper 1 – Core Pure 1 (1hr 30 min )

Paper 2 – Core Pure (1hr 30 min), 

Paper 3 – Further option Mechanics 1 (1hr 30min )

Paper 4 – Further option Decisions (1hr 30min ). 

Why study Maths at XIC?

If they have a natural ability and love of the subject they may also wish to consider Further Mathematics, especially if they wish to take a maths-based subject at University. Many universities require or encourage students to take further maths for entry to some of their courses: medicine, science, technology, economics, engineering and finance. These courses require the understanding of mathematics beyond GCE A level . They will learn skills specific to the subject as well as transferable ones such as problem solving, communication and organisation.