A Level Business Studies

A Level Business Studies


A very broad based subject, A Level business is the perfect vehicle for students to study global corporate and economic relationships – bringings together aspects of finance, accountancy, marketing, economics and organisational studies.  Students develop a deeper and more critical understanding of organisations and their ability to meet society’s needs and wants at a range of scales. Pupils also consider the process of strategic decision making, along with a range of current ethical dilemmas and the corporate social responsibilities faced by businesses and individuals.


In Years 12 and 13 students follow the Edexcel International A Level in Business. This course enables pupils to develop a more in-depth and critical understanding of business. 

AS Level course:

  1. Marketing and people- examining how business operate in the market and human resources.
  2. Managing business activities- looking at financial and resource management.

A Level course- in addition to the AS Level course:

  1. Business decisions and strategy- looking at how businesses grow, change and make and manage strategic decisions.
  2. Global business- examining the impacts of globalisation, global trade and government policies on businesses.

Why study Business at XIC?

Business at XIC helps students to develop their critical understanding and acquire a range of skills and qualities such as decision making, problem solving, team work, leadership, financial planning,  challenging assumptions and management of information. A very popular subject at Universities across Europe and globally, the knowledge, understanding and skills from the study of business form a solid foundation for the students’ progression into Higher Education and future employment.  A knowledge of business and business processes can be useful in many different jobs including roles within administration, accountancy, banking and finance, retail sales and customer services. It will also be useful if students are thinking about setting up their own business or being self-employed in the future.