A & AS Level Mathematics

A & AS Level Mathematics


At KS5 the mathematics course is Edexcel GCE (9MA0). This comprises of Pure Maths and Applied Maths components. The Pure Maths includes algebra, calculus, vectors, exponentials and logarithms. The Applied Maths is the study of Statistics and Mechanics. 


In order to be successful at A level Mathematics they really need a grade 6 or higher at IGCSE. 

AS involves 2 papers:

Paper 1 – Pure Maths (2hrs) 

Paper 2 – Statistics and Mechanics (1hr 15 min ) 

AS ivolves 3 papers 

Paper 1 – Pure Maths (2hrs)

Paper 2 – Pure Maths (2hrs) 

Paper 3 – Statistics and Mechanics (2hrs) 

Why study Maths at XIC?

At KS5 mathematics course is chosen by the pupil. They should enjoy mathematics, get a kick out of problem-solving, enjoy the sheer power of mathematics and the elegance of its methods. If they want a qualification which is widely respected by universities and employers alike, then mathematics is the subject for them!