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Find out everything you need to know about starting your adventure with us at XIC here.



Find out how we provide guidance and support during the first step of children ́s exciting journey at school. 



Find out how we nurture primary school students to become confident and help them discover what they are great at. 



Find out how we help secondary school students develop academic, social and professional skills that will set them up for life. 


Sixth Form (Bachillerato)

How we work with sixth form students in a safe and positive environment, to create personal achievement, independence and a sense of responsibility. 

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Xabia International College was founded almost 20 years ago to deliver top quality education based on the English National Curriculum, within an international environment. We provide continuity of education from Nursery to University (2-18 years), comprised of Foundation, Primary and Secondary sections, situated across three sites in Javea. We are a small, family focused school, with a current roll of approximately 520 students that is made up of children of some twenty nationalities.

Our commitment to modern methods and small class sizes enables us to provide a personal and individual education for every child. XIC is a happy place where students can attain high academic standards whilst feeling valued and encouraged as individuals. All children are given a wide range of opportunities to develop their full potential and prepare them for the challenges they will face in a modern and fast-changing world.

The key to our success is the caring environment within which our students and staff can work in unison to ensure both succeed in fulfilling the ambitions of our youngsters. Teaching Spanish language and culture is an important part of the curriculum throughout the school. The school is fully authorised to admit students of all nationalities and to convalidate their studies in line with the Spanish Education System. Our students access the universities of their choice all around the world!

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Nuestro compromiso con los alumnos:

Educación personalizada

We offer you personalised education through specialised programs, fun and challenging extra-curricular activities and many opportunities that will help you discover the possibilities of your potential. 


We offer you an environment where you will be part of a team of great teachers, staff and students. You will make and enjoy friendships that can last you a lifetime.


We offer you a school culture that is supportive and inclusive. We are here, through learning, to nurture your confidence and self-esteem.

Inspiración Natural

We offer you a beautiful school with outside areas to refresh you throughout the day and inspire you to enjoy the great outdoors.

Formación Contínua

We offer you knowledge, qualifications and life skills that will form the foundation for lifelong learning and success – whatever success means to you.

Adquiere Conocimientos

To acquire knowledge and skills, especially in terms of literacy, numeracy, physical well-being and aesthetic sensibility.

Importancia de las Competencias

To emphasise the importance of proficiency in modern languages, especially English and Spanish.

Confianza en uno Mismo

To help students develop self-confidence and enquiring minds to encourage students, as they mature, to take increasing responsibility for their own learning.

Nuestro compromiso con los padres:

Aprendizaje Progresivo

We offer your child accomplished and passionate teachers who are continually upskilled in their fields of expertise.

Tu hijo es lo primero

We offer your child an inclusive and safe environment where they feel connected and valued. We are mindful to cater to the unique individuals that make up our student body.


We understand that you are part of our school community so we welcome you to collaborate with us throughout your child’s high school journey. We share regular communications to keep you in touch with your child’s progress, challenges and achievements.


We offer your child the freedom to choose their future by providing fun, challenging and diverse learning opportunities.

Promover a los alumnos

To promote students’ enjoyment of learning and motivate them to fulfil their true potential, within a culture where achievement of all kinds is celebrated.

Desarrollar Alumnos

To develop in students an awareness of and a responsibility for their local environment and for all aspects of the global environment.