International School Radio

About ISR

ISR is a unique digital platform delivering a live 24 hour online radio station aimed at students, parents and the community. Our aim is to encourage a better understanding between the young and old, people of different nationalities and mixed social backgrounds, through a mix of music, information, interviews, and work within the community.

The unique podcasts give students a voice and platform to discuss a whole range of topics such as politics, environmental issues, social media, essentially anything they wish to cover. Empowering the students through the creation of this content is very much the ethos of ISR.


Student View

We have taken steps to provide a significant opportunity for the XIC family and the wider community by linking the College with an exciting and informative radio station, International School Radio, ISR.

This totally innovative initiative allows students of all ages in the College to share their daily experiences of the wonderful learning journeys that they are participating in with their families, the local community and the world.

Young people are inspirational and have a vital contribution to make.  They have loud voices and we want to listen to them.

They are very much the present and will define the future, and consequently, ISR will allow them the vehicle to communicate their ideas and opinions on all aspects of their lives and how we may endeavour to support them as they grow. 

We are excited to develop new opportunities as a College and push the boundaries of students’ experience.  With this window into the world of media, our students enjoy and share many extremely interesting perspectives.

Our association with ISR is an opportunity that benefits the whole College community as well as those outside.  The College is very much a family and we wish to respect this and share this new opportunity with all involved students, parents and staff.

“Knowledge is power and communication is key!”

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